10/12/14Greensoft company received special award “Diskobolos 2014”

Greensoft company received special award “Diskobolos 2014”

Union of ICT Societies of Serbia - Informatički savez Srbije (JISA) at their 20th international recognition award for the outstanding achievements in the ICT field “DISKOBOLOS 2014”, presented the company Greensoft d.o.o. of Novi Sad with the special award for the development of innovative software specialized in all types of soil and agriculture production processes management. The awarding ceremony was held on December 10th 2014 at the ceremonial hall of Old Palace in Belgrade.

“Nowadays we cannot imagine modern agriculture production without the use of cutting-edge technologies. Since the development of agriculture business has been strategic goal of Serbia, our software is a technological tool providing assistance along that road. Whether we mean homogenous lot or distributed land in terms of location, our software can generate information on the total area of land at the disposal of Agriculture Company or Government, of the plants, seeding plans, harvest, necessary costs and expenses relating to fuel, seed and other resources. Main task of this software is to facilitate work of agriculture producers and more importantly to reduce operating costs. Savings achieved this way can be further invested in new agriculture machinery or other resources” - was emphasized by Zvezdan Žarić, Greensoft Director, who also thanked the jury of experts for this award, adding that such recognitions are always stimulating for further development and work of even better quality.

“Diskobolos 2014” ICT awards were assigned in the following categories: production, designing, management, social activities, finances, health care, education, services and web achievements. Some of the winners were the National portal eUprava (eGovernment), Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Public Health Institute “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut”, Zavod za informatiku i statistiku Srbije (Serbian Institute for Information Sciences and Statistics), Vlatacom, Geneko, Saga, Coming, Towers net, etc.

Greensoft d.o.o. Novi Sad was established in 2012, and work on researching in needs of the global agricultural market and development of innovative software had started few years before. After only two years from the establishment, software “AgroGIS” and “AgroLIFE” were designed and developed, which provided agronomists and owners of agriculture properties with effective planning, realization and agriculture production process management at the same time increasing yields, total income and reducing operating costs and expenses.

Since July 2014, Greensoft has been a part of TeleGroup system, and the company’s goal is to have “AgroLIFE” and “AgroGIS” packages, patented with Intellectual property Office of the Republic of Serbia, placed in global, besides being placed at the regional market.

About the Award

This year as well, “Informatički savez Srbije” (JISA) in cooperation with “Council of European Professional Informatics Societies” (CEPIS), “European Economic Chamber of Trade Commerce and Industry” (EEIG), regional chambers of commerce, ICT associations of 12 European countries and large number of local experts, has announced a competition, and selected the best solutions based on the implementation of information and communication technologies in order to award DISKOBOLOS 2014.

The Diskobolos award has been for 20 years a supreme challenge for creators and a unique confirmation of modern business. The Diskobolos has exceptionally affected the improvement of cooperation and stimulated a vast number of authors from all around the world: USA, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, UK, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria and all ex-YU countries.

Greensoft company received special award “Diskobolos 2014”