11/12/14Greensoft company received “Kapetan Miša Anastasijević” award

Greensoft company received “Kapetan Miša Anastasijević” award

"Kapetan Miša Anastasijević" award is granted for special business and social results in a calendar year. This year was given to the laureates from Vojvodina on 11th December 2014 in the Matice srpske ceremonial hall. Greensoft Company Ltd. from Novi Sad has been recognized for business vision and new technologies in the segment of innovative "AgroLIFE" and "AgroGIS" software development specialized for agricultural production and all types of soil management.

Among the winners were the Mayor of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučević, the company "Sunoko" - MK Group, as well as the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates Mr. Juma Rashid Saif Zayed Al Dhaheri who received "Kapetan Miša Anastasijević" award for friendly relations and strengthening economic cooperation between Serbia and UAE, and others.

"Modern agricultural production today can not be imagined without the modern technology use. Since the agro industry development is a strategic goal of Republic of Serbia, our software is a technological tool that can help on this way. Whether it is a homogeneous plot or location-distributed land, our software generates data on the total land area which agricultural enterprise or state disposes, on the harvest and sowing plan, necessary fuel costs, seeds and other resources. The main task of this software is to facilitate the work of agricultural producers and more importantly to reduce operating costs. The savings generated in this way can be further invested in new agricultural mechanization or other agricultural resources," said Zvezdan Žarić, Greensoft CEO who thanked the jury, adding that such recognition is a great incentive for further development and quality work.

Greensoft Company Ltd. Novi Sad was established in 2012, and work on researching in needs of the global agricultural market and innovative software development had started few years before. After only two years from the establishment, “AgroGIS” and “AgroLIFE” software were designed and developed, which provided agronomists and owners of agriculture properties with effective planning, realization and agriculture production process management at the same time increasing yields, total income and reducing operating costs and expenses.

Since July 2014, Greensoft has been a part of TeleGroup system, and the company’s goal is to have “AgroLIFE” and “AgroGIS” packages, patented with Intellectual property Office of the Republic of Serbia, placed in global, besides being placed at the regional market.