14/10/16Municipality Mali Iđoš became a user of the Greensoft software solution

Municipality Mali Iđoš became a user of the Greensoft software solution

Mali Iđoš Municipality signed a contract for the implementation of software solution “AgroLIFE Government” with Greensoft Company from Novi Sad, and thus became one of the many satisfied users of our software.

AgroLIFE government is a software designed to manage all types of land owned by the state and public companies. It’s used for the purpose of automated management of geo-referenced data in a modern and efficient way. the program is consisting of several modules, and municipality Iđoš in the first phase of implementation decided for Module Maps.

Module Maps is used to record all georeferenced data at the level of the cadastral municipalities: : parcels, crops, roads, irrigation canal systems, data on the quality of the land,… This module also keeps accurate records of cadastral data related to the the parcel - parcel number, cadastral municipality, land classification, etc. It is a real GIS platform, which in itself contains the data editor.

In this way, the municipality of Mali Iđoš has enabled the integration of all data related to agricultural land into a single system, for easier data manipulation, as well as view maps through the layers.

In the coming period, cooperation is planned in the form of the introduction of other modules that are part of the package AgroLIFE Government, that will Municipality of Mali Iđoš simplify and facilitate the processes related to the management of state areas which they possess.