17/03/16Greensoft Company signed an agreement with the municipality of Temerin

Greensoft Company signed an agreement with the municipality of Temerin

Greensoft company from Novi Sad signed a contract with the Municipality of Temerin, which has over 14,500 ha of arable land on the implementation of agricultural software AgroGIS.

The software package AgroGIS was created in order to provide complete management of municipal agricultural land. The package contains a module AgroGIS Maps who will be making viewing and managing boards and parcels, as well as all data related to the land (eg. Cadastral municipality, potes, parcel number, area, etc.). Auctions module that contains all of the essential items for efficient bid management and manipulation of large amounts of data. AgroGIS package covers the service agricultural caretakes in town Temerin where this package using GPS helps in recording data during the daily tour of fields for immediate protection of crops and plants, as well as the prevention of field damage. Module Investor with graphic illustration industrial zones and its equipment(electrical network with substations, road network, railways, roads, gas network, ...) allows potential investors trough database-a AgroGIS to get detailed information about facilities or land that is for sale. In this way, a easier communication and manipulation of the data, which avoids inaccurate information.

In 2016 it is planned further cooperation in the form of the introduction automatic weather station and modules for field book and crop rotation, as well as working with lessees of agricultural land.